Emma Richards

Emma Richards. Born in 1991. Studying Foundation Art & Design at Camberwell College of Art. Interested in Art, Photography and Typography.

Final Film

I’m happy with the result of my film, although i feel the beginning 3 sections of just the horse and car drag on a little and seem a bit pointless and boring. However i can really feel the tension build as they come closer together and the red alert effect flashes i feel a sense of panic. Mood changes to shock as the screen goes black and you can hear a crash, so i guess this works! This is the effect i was aiming for. If i had more time i would definitely go back and try to match the sound effects to the animated moving pieces, although they wern’t meant to be exact as this would take forever to show if i matched the scale of the map to the movement of the car and horse, i just wanted to show the trail of direction across the map (instead of using real life footage). The apple ipod advert was definately a big influence on how i could shock an audience, and although i was going to create a drawn animation like the NSPCC advert, this would have been very difficult and time consuming for the time scale i had. 

Background for my animation. View high resolution

Background for my animation.

NSPCC Boxing Boy Advert

Realistically, i can’t include real horses and cars in my stop animation so i need to think of a different approach to how they can be shown in these styles. Drawing. Love how it’s really subtle and because you have to follow the drawing to see whats created, you really follow the story.  

Apple Ipod Road Safety Advert

Absolutely loved this, i really like the normal ipod adverts anyway as they’re really bright and fun, so when i read that this was linked to road safety and began to watch it i wasn’t sure how it possibly could be. Really, really effective. The loud bang and silence at the end has a powerful impact and really makes you think about how important the issue is. Something you may not have thought could be so important, actually is and can have serious consequences. This is exactly the effect i want to have when people see my video. 

Angela + Ithyle - Amazon Kindle Advert

Another quirky stop motion animation, really like how it isn’t perfectly smooth. I think these animations will be really inspiring for my film, although i won’t be able to use real horses to create the same effect the feel these animations have is exactly what i want for the beginning of my animation. 

Oren Lavie - Her morning Elegance

Stop motion music video. This isn’t as smooth as the PES animations but i quite like the quirky effect. It also isn’t as comical. It has a really happy feel to it. 

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